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USA Noir: Best Of The Akashic Noir Series (2013)

by Johnny Temple(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
1617751847 (ISBN13: 9781617751844)
Akashic Books
review 1: If you are mystery and noir lover you will enjoy this book. It has stories by some heavy-hitters like Michael Connelly and Joyce Carol Oates which are entertaining, plus a selection from other lesser-known authors. The noir stories are set in many American cities - Brooklyn Noir, Chicago Noir, and so on. Obviously, the editor tapped into something big with this series. This book is a sample from books published from these various areas. It's very entertaining. I checked this book out at the library and couldn't finish it by the time it was due. For me it was too much noir to take in, though I have often read entire short story collections in one sitting. I would recommend you buy this book and savor it over time rather than try to read it in one gulp.
review 2:
... more This was a delicious read of short stories written by many of my favorite mystery writers. I also found some new authors too. This is just one of the "Noir" series of books by Johnny Temple for his independent publishing house Akashic. Kudos to Johnny for continuing to provide great stories from some of the best authors out there! If you can, pick up any of the "Noir" series and read on for a treat!! less
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This best of is truly a best of. So many wonderful tales to thrill, scare and intrigue.
Wonderful collection of short stories.
Good stories,Well told...
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