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The Fallen Blade (2011)

by Jon Courtenay Grimwood(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 1
031607439X (ISBN13: 9780316074391)
The Assassini
review 1: I really wanted to love this book based on advance reviews and descriptions from trusted sources. Historical Venice! A mysterious Vampire! Towers, assassins, a rebellious female main character! There were some great scenes, some intriguing characters, some great action sequences. However none of these tied together in any logical way. I felt completely lost from the beginning, and I love complicated twisty turny 1000 character books. So disappointed.
review 2: Jon Courtenay Grimwood delivered the defining sci-fi series of the early millenium with the Arabesk cycle and all of his work is on a 'must read' status for me. I had thought he had stopped writing as it had been a few years since I saw anything from him until I saw that he had branched out into historica
... morel fantasy with supernatural elements. Unfortunately, this was merely ok. It definitely needed tighter editting as sometimes the sentences didn't even make sense and the book only comes alive when one character is involved (and there are multiple pov chars in this). I will read the rest of the series anyways but this is not an auspicious beginning for a new trilogy. less
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Historically based book with a lashing of supernatural without being too cliché, very nice read.
Mediocre fantasy snoozefest with ridiculous names. DNF at 10%.
I just could not get hooked by the book.
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