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The Earworm Inception (2012)

by Jon Konrath(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Konrath puts the "POP" in culture with enough laughter that would make cracking a rib after an Evil Knivel stunt; jumping over 20 refrigerators being ravaged through by a quarter of Somalia, while riding in a shopping cart. Feel like tickle. **yea thats my attempt at Pop Culture**But Konrath is WAY better than that. I wanted to quote so much of this, but I remembered Eddie Murphy's stand up comedy "Delirious" where he says never tell someone else's jokes cuz it sounds like shit.Just read this you will ROFL, LOL, LMAO and many other laughing fits.
review 2: The Earworm Inception is like that awesome metal band you discovered in 11th grade that nobody had heard of and everybody you let listen to it thought it was amazing because you were all cranked up on cheap
... more speed at that age. At least that’s what it is to me… A rare gem in the endless Amazon catalog that nobody will ever hear of or read.But if ever does get popular, I’m gonna feel like a totally before-my-time hipster that let people borrow the book and fall in love with it one at a time. Just like that metal band in high-school, only with less speed this time. less
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Hilarity person(?)ified!! More soon...
Free from Amazon
This guy!
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