One Perfect Summer

‘One Perfect Summer‘ is written by Paige Toon. It tells the story of Alice who has been taken down to Dorset by her Mum, to have a holiday and time together before she leaves to go to university in Cambridge. First of all Alice wonders how she can possibly survive this, however when she meets Joe, who works at a local pub she quickly changes her mind.

Of course a relationship starts between the two, what else would you expect from a Paige Toon story?! Alice realises that Joe isn’t happy where he is and knowing that he’s soon planning to move to London, she suggests that he comes with her to Cambridge instead.

On one of her last days in Dorset, Joe disappears. When Alice gets back home to London, she searches for him and when she moves onto Cambridge, she does the same, but Joe is no-where to be seen. After a while she decides to stop moping after him and to get on with her life, taking up a job as a punter and making a great friend in Jessie. She meets a guy called Lukas and things start to get serious, however Joe is always at the back of her mind and when she hears news of him, she feels compelled to go and see him.

This was a great read, I loved that the first part of the story was set in Dorset. Having holidayed there a lot in my childhood, I knew exactly where Paige Toon was talking about. With mentions of Corfe Castle and Old Harry Rocks, it allowed me to see the story as it happened. I must also mention that there is a great sequel to this, ‘One Perfect Christmas’, which is another great read, yet disappointedly a much shorter story, you’re left wanting more!


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