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Even The Dogs (2010)

by Jon McGregor(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 3
1596913487 (ISBN13: 9781596913486)
Bloomsbury USA
review 1: I adored the two previous McGregors I read. But something just didn't work here for me. It felt too much like too many other dingy drug stories I've read. Moving for sure, but pretty level throughout. Interesting perspectives and attention to detail but ultimately I don't think I gained much from it. Perhaps if I'd read it 10 to 15 years ago it would have blown my mind, but now I just found it a bit sad.
review 2: I don't know really what to think about the book. At times I wanted to throw it away and not start again , then I couldn't put it down. It's definitely not easy read with all these unfinished sentences and with difficult topic which is discussed in the book. It's written to make us to take a close look at drug addicts, alcoholics and people livin
... moreg at the edge of society , at their lives just in front of our eyes but somehow very often unnoticed . It very provocative book, shocking at times ( I probably never forget the scene when a chiropodist sees the foot of a man who didn't take off the shoes for 6 months or a woman who had a tattoo of an eye in the middle of her forehead ) and real until hurts. Touched me in some way so I am giving it 3 stars . less
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This book is pure poetry. The subject is grim but the writing is sublime.
Amazing writing as usual but just too bleak for me at the moment.
A very different stream of consciousness read
Beautifully written if completely depressing.
Brilliantly written, but really grim!
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