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Green Like God: Unlocking The Divine Plan For Our Planet (2010)

by Jonathan Merritt(Favorite Author)
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0446557250 (ISBN13: 9780446557252)
review 1: This is a really good book on creation care rooting Christian environmentalism in the Biblical account of creation and our role as stewards of creation. Merritt does a really good job of addressing objections to environmentalism that come from the far right (where he lives, theologically). He makes a compelling case that environmentalism is not something that is the purview of the political left, but a moral obligation of us all. He's a good writer too.
review 2: Jonathan's book is the perfect book to share with people of faith who are missing the connection of creation care, climate change and our role of people of faith in the "green" debate. First half is really basic for folks who have already plunged into living lighter on the planet but always great to ha
... moreve the reminder. Second have is an excellent discussion of having faith conversations about protecting God's most beautiful gift, out tiny blue planet. less
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We all need to do our part as good stewards of our planet. I really liked this book
This is a book that every American Christian should read.
This should have remained a blog post.
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