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Clouded Rainbow (2009)

by Jonathan Sturak(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 2
0982589409 (ISBN13: 9780982589403)
Pendan Publishing
review 1: On the night of their wedding anniversary, Roger and Lois are victims of a horrible car crash. Upon awakening in the hospital and finding no signs of Lois, Roger sets out in search of his wife. With little memory of what happened, he begins to roam the dark streets looking for answers in hopes of finding his beloved. Sounds like a great love story but seriously fell short. Extremely annoyed with the lack of common sense from the police department. I grew tired of the constant over use of the character's names and absolutely could not wait (eyes rolling here) to confirm that the ending was exactly how I guessed it would be. On the plus side, the book was free, thank goodness for that
review 2: Good story line, written in a syrupy fashion. The idea of someone
... more being split up with his wife who enters a coma due to a car crash has potential. At the same time, from what the author considers to be an idyllic life the main characters enters the under class over 24 hours. Again, there are loads of possibilities for an interesting novel. The author destroys this potential by producing, what I consider a disappointing read. He rambles on about a "handsome" detective (who I cannot believe, in real life, would carry on after his initial investigation) & and the "beautiful" wife in a way that would be more suited to romantic magazine. I like the thinking behind how the same person and his actions are treated totally different just because of his look, it's a shame this was not given more justice. It would even loads of potential as a film. It just need to be reworked! less
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Nice plot & character, needs editing in Kindle version - badly!
Very different, but most enjoyable read.
Just awful
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