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Zero Hour - A Dystopian Adventure (2011)

by Jordan Castillo Price(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 4
JCP Books
review 1: Nice plot potential and some really sweet characters. My main issue with this is the amount of waffling going on in the first half of the book, which made the early chapters drag. And the ending went so fast and smoothly, it wasn't really satisfying.This would be one of those ebooks where I double check the ending page numbers, because it feels like I've missed the last chapter, or an epilogue somewhere.
review 2: Futuristic setting with old-fashioned story line: geeky boy meets boy-rebel and discover the wonder of each other. A lot of work went into creating this future world and it hangs together very well. The writing is solid. But I found my interest fading in and out. The characters were a little flat, a little one dimensional, which was in keeping with t
... morehat world. They pushed the boundaries of acceptable behavior all the time but not always in ways interesting to today's reader. less
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Good lords that was creepy and slightly horrifying, I love it :-)
This was great. Very imaginative and sweet.
★★★½ - Good, worth a reread.
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