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My Best Friend's Daughter (2000)

by Jordan Silver(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 2
Sex and Marriage
review 1: Ok, so, can we say Porn on Paper...or e-reader, whatever?!!!This is 74 pages of two people going at in non-stop. I mean really, I'm surprised they didn't start a friction fire and burn the damn house down!As you read through the almost endless sex scenes a story emerges of a sexy, wealthy, older doctor who's mutual attraction to his best friends daughter can't be denied. And being who he is, he'll stop at nothing to keep her, including knocking her up and marrying her before telling her dad! (BTW the age difference is not as big as in some other books, her dad was super young when he had her.)The babies come along and the dad comes to terms with their relationship and some sinister situations are thrown in there I believe as build-up to the next book.As per usual Ms. Jor... moredan has you completely engrossed in her very detailed, imaginative and seriously kinky sex scenes. You know, the kind that make you tilt your head, squint your eyes and try to picture how that is physically possible...who knows, you may just have to try it out to test the feasibility?!!! ;) ;)I love Jordan Silver's no-nonsense stories but I really think this could have been so much more if it was a bit longer and the story was built on more. But for what it was, it was a seriously sexy sex-fest of a book!
review 2: This story covered an approximately 2 year time period on fast forward and in only novella-lengthThough I am happy that 2 sex addicts found true love with each otherThe sex-fest was never-ending for the horny coupleIf you're looking for depth, this isn't the story for youIf you're looking to be amazed at how much 2 characters can screw . . .THEN Prepare To Be Amazed! less
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Totally taboo. Kinky and definitely a wild read! I enjoyed it!
I love this! ... this story made my night last night.. LOL
Another enjoyable read from JS!
shit just got real! :p
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