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Hollywood Moon (2009)

by Joseph Wambaugh(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
0316045187 (ISBN13: 9780316045186)
Little, Brown and Company
Hollywood Station Series
review 1: Classic Waumbaugh --- dark humor, behind-the-badge insight, and interesting characters doing their part to "protect and to serve" (or "to maim and be greedy" if of the criminal element). Like watching an old episode of "Adam-12", also set int the L.A. area, but with profanity, violence, and "dragons".Some cliched bits but overall "Hollywood Moon" is very entertaining and not over-the-top like many of the genre.A solid 3.5 stars, perhaps nudging 4 territory.
review 2: Should have had more about the cops, instead is more like mediocre crime novel--First draft of an Elmore Leonard novel.Okay. This is the third of the Hollywood station series I have read and this one is arguably the weakest as it is the least about the cops. All three have shifted between the stor
... moreies of the cops (day to day experiences) to a developing crime story of usually, not the smartest criminals. As the novels have progressed, they have increasingly spent more and more time on the criminals, until this one where it feels like most of the novel is dominated by three different groups of criminals. After the first couple of chapters, the cops of Hollywood Station seem more like an afterthought. This is disappointing as Wambaugh is not the best at plot, but he is great at creating characters and giving a real, street level view of the lives of big city police officers. less
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Entertaining... kinda filthy and raw, but enjoyable.
One of the best in this series!
Page turner CA detective novel.
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