Radiator Cleaning And Dusting

Why is cleaning a radiator important???

A clean and dust free radiator is about more than just a pleasing home aesthetic and good housekeeping. You may be surprised to know that as well as looking good, a clean and dust free radiator will also help to keep heating costs down. When you look down the side of your radiator you might not be happy with what you see. Dust, cobwebs and other mysterious debris can quite easily find a home in the crevices of your radiator and it really shouldn’t be there! The dust we find between the fins of the convectors on our radiators can actually prohibit heat from escaping, and this will mean your radiators have to work extra hard to warm your room. You don’t want to be left dealing with an annoyance such as this, especially if you bought designer radiators. It is imperative then that you get into the habit of thoroughly cleaning your radiators at least once a year though more can never hurt! This way you’ll keep on top of the accumulation of dust and dirt that builds up. Perhaps you could even make it a part of your weekly cleaning routine, and that way you’ll never forget to do it!

Tools You’ll Need For A Spanking Clean Radiator

Before you snap on your favourite cleaning gloves you’d better make sure you have everything you’ll need for this radiator cleaning job.

  • You’ll definitely need a vacuum cleaner
  • A duster will come in handy too
  • A nice warm bucket of soapy water
  • Some clean sponges and cloths
  • A large towel or dust sheet
  • A radiator brush
  • Step 1: Switch Off Your Central Heating – You don’t want to burn yourself
    Step 2: Turn the Vacuum On – This ensure that there is as little dust as possible under and around your radiator
    Step 3: The Radiator Brush method – Take the brush and place it down the back and sides of the radiator. Move and wiggle and brush to remove as much dust and dirt as possible
    Step 4: Time To Soap It Up – Now use hot soapy water or your favourite cleaning product to remove any dust from your radiator and wipe dry.

    I hope you found this useful?

    All comments and questions welcome.

    Paul – Men Can Clean Too

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