How many of you are OBSESSED with the city you live in? RAISES HAND SO DAMN HIGH!

Two weeks ago, Paul and I moved to Downtown St Pete. I have lived in St. Petersburg, FL my entire life and have always been a typical Florida girl. I like sunsets, afternoon rain showers, palm trees, dolphins, tan lines… you get the idea. St. Pete’s downtown area is just perfect. We have some of the most amazing restaurants, TONS of brewery’s, trendy bars, art galleries, museums, beautiful historical buildings, and to top it all off… we are on, the fucking, water.

I have always had this slightly weird obsession with the sky and how the sun reflects onto the water and bounces off the clouds. Now that we are in one of the highest buildings in St. Pete, we have the most beautiful view of the sunrise and the sunset! I am still in awe!


Our weekends feel like vacations … they truly do. From the time we get up, till the time we close our eyes for the night, we are experiencing LIFE! Beautiful, colorful, life.

This past Saturday, we woke up and sat on the balcony for a bit, taking in the gorgeous view, then we strolled over to the local coffee shop to grab a latte and croissant, then headed to the Farmers Market where we listened to some live music while perusing through the different booths.

After we finished shopping we headed to Hops & Props, a local tap house with 26 beers on tap. I really love this place because they try to emphasize local craft breweries and here in St. Pete, we have some of the best! They also serve food which is smoked on site. PS…. their smoked meatloaf is fucking INCREDIBLE!

Seriously, my mouth is watering right now.

After a few cold ones, we headed back home, and then up to the roof top where our pool deck is located and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in our very own paradise.

After a few hours we headed to a local brewery called The Flying Boat, and met a few friends (and their pig) for drinks and BBQ.

I’m not gunna lie, last weekend was incredible.

Moving to DTSP wasn’t cheap, and it took some thinking, budgeting, and planning…. But I am BEYOND grateful we are able to do this before we settle down. I now TRULY understand the phrase “You only live once”. #liveitup

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