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Fuzzy (2011)

by Josephine Myles(Favorite Author)
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0011511656 (ISBN13: 2940011511653)
Josephine Myles, via Smashwords
First Impressions
review 1: Five months after First Impresions, we catch up with Jez and Steve. Another, light fun read from Jo Myles, again short, so perfect for a 20 min timeout to raise the spirits! Jez and Steve are living together - steve off work with a broken leg. Jez comes home early to discover a secret about Steve, which leads to a sexy scene on the sofa!Filling in the gaps about what they may have been upto in those 5 months is good for daydreaming whilst cooking tea, and I loved Steve's pet name for Jez
review 2: This is a cute little follow-up to First Impressions which the author is offering for free on Smashwords. This is just a short taste of Steve and Jez five months after they finally get together. Steve has moved into Jez’s apartment and life was good until Steve brok
... moree his leg trying to rescue a kitten stuck on the roof. Jez is rather enjoying taking care of him, but is mystified by what Steve is hiding when he comes home a bit early. I shan’t give away what it is or what he’s doing, although the cover gives you some clues. What I enjoyed was the guys are still the guys, but you can see how Steve has had an effect on Jez. He’s still a bit surly and snarly, or he tries to be. He hates it that Steve calls him poppet, well, mostly he hates it, when he’s not rather fond of the fact. Steve is still as confident and dominant as ever, but Jez is still so smitten he’s more than happy to go along with things.It’s hard to do a long review of such a short story but fans of the first story will definitely want to pick this one up and visit with Jez and Steve as they have a little fun even while Steve’s leg is in a cast. They are just such a likable couple that you come away with a smile on your face. less
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Sweet & sexy little snippet that follows book 1 in the First Impressions series.
This had a lovely humorous turn to it that left me with a smile on my face.
Cute and fluffy (fuzzy?) domestic smut, with knitting. What's not to love?
Sweet and short
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