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Beat The Reaper (2009)

by Josh Bazell(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
0316032220 (ISBN13: 9780316032223)
Little, Brown and Company
Peter Brown
review 1: This was a book club pick or I would have so put it down. This is a guy's book, in fact, it's an adolescent guy's book only it's not appropriate for an adolescent (in my mind). I did like the medical commentary/angle and I must say upfront that this guy can write, he did make me turn the page. I'd like to read something else he writes. I just hated the story and the character. I kept saying (to myself and occasionally to my husband who was reading next to me), "No way!" It was like some guy-fantasy come to life. All I'll say is - "oral sex in a shark tank" and maybe that will make you get the idea (and maybe, if you're a guy, now you'll want to read it.). I'm certain better things will come from this writer.
review 2: One of the most entertaining and fast paced
... more books I've ever read. The break neck speed of this book was amazing. I though it would plateau or flattened out at some point in time like almost every book does and it never did. I walk past this novel in the book store for two years before I read it. I didn't think that "Josh dude from you tube" could write something this great. That's what I get from being an asshole that judged a book by its author. I regrete not reading it sooner. less
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This was a great read. More violent than Haisson but in that vein. Witty but not heavy.
i like the book so far its complex and has many charater reflecting flashbacks.
Perfect for when you're looking for a quick easy read. I'll read the next one
One of the most entertaining books I've read in a long time.
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