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Someone Else's Love Story (2013)

by Joshilyn Jackson(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 5
0062105655 (ISBN13: 9780062105653)
William Morrow
Shandi Pierce
review 1: One of those times I wish Goodreads had half stars, as I'd give this a 4.5. Lovely language, fascinating motivations. I started this novel knowing it would turn out to be the love story of someone other than who we thought, and I spent a lot of time wondering about the backgrounds of several of the characters because of it. I'm particularly interested in the love story of Shandi's parents. And Natty, oh Natty. Perhaps the real love story is between Shandi and her son, Natty. I love a novel that allows me to know the characters so well that I want to continue reading all their stories, that has me creating my own stories about them.
review 2: I picked this book on a whim mostly because being a bookworm I couldn't resist a signed first edition:) I liked it right
... moreaway. It flowed flawlessly, with interesting likable characters and more than one mystery. As the story unravels in two voices and the plot becomes more and more complex I just couldn't put the book down. And toward the end BAM! the author hits us with several shockers... I am a fan! less
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A quick read but too complicated with all different stories, completely unreal
A surprisingly complex story about human relationships.
Brilliant, just sorry I didn't read it sooner.
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