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Yo, Vampiro: Amor Impuro (2012)

by Joshua Hale Fialkov(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 2
8415628579 (ISBN13: 9788415628576)
ECC Ediciones (El Catálogo del Cómic, DC Comics)
I, Vampire
review 1: This title was ok. The story has a lot of potential, being not hard to follow, but also very rich in plot. The art however, kills it for me. Alt art styles (such as you find in Animal Man and Swamp Thing) can work and usually they bring a unique look to the comic. In I,Vampire, the art is so "muddy" for me that I had trouble following it completely. I will probably read Volume 2 to see if the storyline gets better, but if the art doesn't change, I'll probably leave this one behind.
review 2: **spoilers appear toward the end of my review - don't read if you want to avoid**Cool. The story of the "good vampire" fighting and killing his evil counterparts is certainly not a new one, but is told well here with appropriately moody artwork by Andrea Sorrentino. I'm not
... more sure how well this vampire story fits into the regular DC Universe. The Batman guest appearance feels a bit gratuitous. The cameo by Constantine fits much better, but feels kind of pointless. Maybe one or both of these things will make more sense as the series progresses, but for the first trade, neither do. Despite these occasional missteps, the story by Joshua Fialkov is appropriately creepy and well-written. Different issues (or chapters herein, if you prefer) are narrated by different characters, and it helps give a bit of insight into their motivations. The ending of the trade which leaves the main character apparently dead (he's stabbed through the heart and beheaded) certainly leaves me wondering what happens next. less
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One of the absolute worst books from DC's New 52 comic book series.
Excellent book. Love the art and love the story.
A really good Vampire Story.
Pretty damn cool!
3.5 stars
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