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The Bunker: Volume 1 (2014)

by Joshua Hale Fialkov(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 5
1620101645 (ISBN13: 9781620101643)
Oni Press
review 1: It's an interesting concept - five friends planning to make a time capsule instead find one - a bunker they created in the future, detailing their lives and urging them to do what they have done for the world, in spite of it causing the death of billions... The conflict between the friends as secrets are unveiled and different factors influence their levels of belief and desire grows as things start to come true. It's a fascinating start to the series, and the artwork is especially interesting - sort of a water-colored reality look; very distinctive. This is only the first four issues so it doesn't tell the whole story, but it does set it on a complicated, difficult path as hard choices and difficult decisions are made by each person. Not high on the action - this isn'... moret a super-hero battle book, but the conflicts run deeper for that. A very good start.
review 2: A group of friends set out to bury a time capsule and dig up a Bunker from the future filled with letters written from their future selves letting them know of the coming disasters that they caused. The question then becomes what do they do? Things start getting more interesting when more objects arrive and the end climaxes with the arrival of one of their future selves. Will that future occur? Only later volumes will tell! less
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Loved the premise, likes the story, lukewarm on the art and lettering....
I didn't like the art style, but the storyline is cool.
A must-read!
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