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Un Adiós Especial (2011)

by Joyce Farmer(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: This book was a fairly quick but pretty sad read about a woman's two parents and the last 4 years of their lives. The couple, Lars and Rachel have been together for a while (its her father's second marriage) but they have a great relationship. But their health slowly starts to decline and the author has to begin making tough decisions. This book was the same exact topic of ANOTHER graphic novel, but this was one far less morbid.
review 2: The connection I felt to this book seemed more in spite of it's format than because of it. I felt some sections deeply, having spent many days and nights with my grandparents as they reached the end of their days, but this book, perhaps out of some admirable impulse to stay evenhanded and "realistic" gives no more weight in
... more the layout or art to any moment over another, rendering it all in eight panels a page, whether it is depicting feeding a cat or the mother's last day. It had an unfortunate chilling effect for me, because beyond the mechanical limitations it is a remarkably perceptive and empathetic look at the challenges and rewards of being with the elderly as their bodies fail and death approaches. less
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Excellent memoir. Poignant, emotional and quite moving.
Heartbreaking but ultimately satisfying.
Very sad, but brilliantly captured.
Well done on all counts.
Lovely story.
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