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Laws Of Harmony (2009)

by Judi Hendricks(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 4
1616818603 (ISBN13: 9781616818609)
HarperCollins Publishers
review 1: Took an extremely long time for me to warm up to this story. Woman was raised in a commune in New Mexico. Lost a baby sister while there. As an adult she loses a lover and tries to come to terms with her estranged mother. She moves to a town on an island in Washington state called Harmony. Finally started enjoying the book once she was in Harmony. While there, she discovers she is not only pregnant but the baby daddy is not only alive, but comes to visit. Wow.
review 2: A tale of a free spirited upbringing in a commune which Sunny leaves as soon as she is able. She believes she is happy and that her life is good and then things begin to spin out of control, her finance is killed in an automobile accident, after burying his charred remains Sunny discove
... morers he had been having an affair, with her best friend, that he was a gambler who was deeply in debt and that he cheated investors out of thousands of dollars by laundering money through his start-up companies. Sunny sells everything she owns and essentially runs away from it all...just like she did the commune. Throughout her journey she makes many changes to her life ranging from her new job to learning to ride a motorcycle and accepting help from others. There are many other twists and turns that include reuniting with her estranged mother to help her figure out her past has impacted her present and where the future is leading.This was a great story of love, family, relationships with a healthy dose of life tossed in. less
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The best of the books I have read by this author. Maybe I just like the setting. Good beach read.
This was really a great book. And it will make you hungry.
I enjoyed the narration of this book and the plot.
Nice story of a woman's struggle to find herself.
Wonderful read.
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