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Taken By The Cowboy (2000)

by Julianne MacLean(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I’ve been reading romance novels for over twenty years now and I used to love the time-travel stories. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your preference) they seemed to have gone into hiding, being replaced by paranormal romance. When I saw a time-travel western romance, I was sold. This is the first book I’ve read by Julianne MacLean and I was swept away.Jessica was everything you would expect from a heroine thrown back in time by circumstances she cannot comprehend – spunky, sassy and definitely not politically correct for the era. After having her heart broken from recent tragedy, she’s ready to make a change in her life. She never thought that change would take place in a car accident that sends her one hundred and twenty years into the past. Nor was ... moreshe ready to be accused of a murder she didn’t commit and arrested by the dangerously handsome, Sheriff Truman Wade.Wade is a notoriously dangerous sheriff and Jessica soon finds he has a secret past of his own. Dark and brooding, he is certain there is far more to “Junebug Jess” than she is telling and he’s determined to find out what it is. Jessica just wants to find a way home. What they find, instead, is a romance neither had expected or wanted.I love a romance that has a great source of external conflict and Taken by the Cowboy was one that kept me guessing “who done it?” through the entire story. Julianne MacLean was able to take a cliché characters and plot (brooding cowboy and feisty heroine thrown back into the old west) and make it something fresh, new and exciting. I was worried at a few points in the story where I thought it would get predictable and was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn’t. Even the ending surprised me (I won’t give any spoilers here). The plot was weaved well with great pacing and memorable characters.This was a fun, fast read that took me through the West, both present and past, to witness a transformation in a man and woman and how they grow, in spite of all circumstances being against them.
review 2: I've read plenty of cowboy/ outlaw romances. I've read books dealing with time traveling as well. However, I've never read a story where the two genres were put together. For me, this was a nice "outside of the box" story of the two genres. I was also happy to find the Hero's name,Truman, that I haven't come across, as of to date, for the leading male. That was refreshing,to read a name that isn't common, like so many other book leading males. Hats off to the author for giving me a bit of an original story and a new Hero's name to read about. With all of that being said, I honestly enjoyed this story. I needed something different and something not so repetitive. This story did that for me. It was a great fast paced, dual points of view, happy ending, cowboy romance that I honestly didn't feel any cheesiness with. I really liked that fact that there was barely a curse word to skim over and that the steamy scenes weren't overly done or overly detailed. I really loved that the heroine, Jessica, was not a whiner, crier, timid or passive leading lady. She was who she was and that's what you got. Even if she got upset about something, she didn't live in her head about it or cry. When she did cry, those were the moments I cried with her, as those were a few sad moments where any real person would cry. I loved Jessica. She was perfect and I wish more heroines were like her. She acted like a real woman probably would act like in certain situations. She felt normal and real.I loved Truman. What a hunky man! :) He wasn't an alpha bossy male like every other leading male out there is in books lately. He was protective, had a killer smile, he had his demons to deal with, he's the local sheriff and he was just over all a good guy who learned to let down his walls and finally let a woman in. He had his brooding moments but he didn't act like a complete jerk all the time and he knew when to let go of things or apologize when needed. I was so caught up in this book that I only put it down when I passed out while reading it. I was wholly invested in this story and in the characters. I loved Angus, Wendy, Jake and Deputy Dempsey. Some had smaller roles, but nevertheless, I liked the secondary characters. I was happy to see Angus have his happy ending as well. I liked that I was able to guess who was responsible for killing off two characters as well. I loved that the prologue and ending came back full circle as well as the connection between Truman and Jake. Although, that connection was easy to figure out right away. Lastly, I loved how this was set in the Wild West and Present days. I loved the outlaw aspect of if and how Truman and Jessica meet. And I loved Jessica's nickname: Junebug Jess.Actually the last thing and certainly not the least thing is: I LOVE the cover of this book. Definitely a nice image to picture while reading about Truman Wade. less
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Another timetraveller books i've read... and another awesome book..
Turns out - I really don't like time travel books.
Could not put it down! Absolutely a great read.
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