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The F- It List (2013)

by Julie Halpern(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
1250025656 (ISBN13: 9781250025654)
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review 1: Whoa holy sex! When I knew that this was a book based around a teen's bucket list but that they'd renamed it the "fuck it list," my first thought was that it was a list of people they wanted to sleep with. No, no, it's a regular bucket list, but many of the items are about sexual things - a pretty standard list of importance for a teen. Of course, the main character does have a lot of sex in this book and is pretty blase about it, which is an attitude I'd expect from someone a lot older. And, although the sex isn't described in graphic detail, there is something romance novel-esque about their quivering, shuddering, and coming together. I mean really, what high schooler experiences sex like that? How many adults do? I hate when authors make sex scenes so unbelievably perfe... morect that it gives me confidence issues.No, the sex isn't the primary focus of the book and there is a lot of good stuff about death and overcoming grief, being a good friend or girlfriend, dealing with emotions and family stuff, etc, but I could hardly get over their candlelit, rosy-hued sex scenes. Loses major points on realism there.
review 2: This book was sort of a coming of age book in a way. The main character, Alex, learns that her father's death, her best friend's cancer and the death of the brother of the boy she has unknowingly fallen in love for, are more than likely not her fault. Throughout most of the book she thinks she's undeserving of the good things that happens to her so she pushes them away, leaving her in a cluster of shit. Why should good things happen to her if her father is dead, her best friend might not live and and her friend/bf/idk 's brother is dead? The reason i gave this book 3 stars is because i understand that she felt shitty for the bad things that happened in her past and current life but she's a bit too mean? bitchy? i cant think of a better word right now. I really enjoyed the first third and last third of the book but the middle of the book was basically her not being able to pull her head out of her ass to be there for Leo, who's brother had just died. I was happy that she at least acknowledged it instead of being oblivious like some other characters in other books are.BUT at the same time this book made me laugh so many times, like i had to put the book down for a minute and calm down because it was so funny. And very relateable, too. Definitely a quick read. Read it in a day.Pick it up! less
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This book was funny and full of heart. It was very cute, in a sort of twistedly sick way.
I really liked this book. Hope you do too! :)
slow it down with the pop culture
Wonderfully crude. Haha
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