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Bryan's Girlfriend (2000)

by Julie Jaret(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Our unnamed narrator thought she was sexually adventurous - and then she got together with Bryan. Since that moment, she's discovered a whole new world of erotic experience and loves every minute of it. We get to read all about it through a series of entries in the sex diary Bryan insists she keeps. The diary provides a thread, but essentially this is a series of short stories - something we already know this author is good at!One of the chapters concerns the narrator and Bryan hiring a hooker in Vegas so that she can act out Bryan's fantasy of seeing her with another woman. A fantastic subject in my opinion - I dream of a partner who would do that so this part was my favourite. And there is a particularly clever twist in this story that makes for a finish that's all the m... moreore satisfying.All the stories make compelling reading, however - basically I love reading about horny women and our narrator certainly is that!Sexual tease - both giving and receiving - is a strong theme throughout and its power to titillate and arouse, as well as to induce a sense of desperate longing, is really well communicated.A great little read, altogether. Nice and dirty, loaded with hot sex situations, but also with a few twists to surprise the reader.
review 2: Julie's novella is a fantastic blend of the erotic, the exotic, and the familiar. The main character - Bryan's Girlfriend - is an easily identifiable friend, definitely someone you'd want to hang out with. She barbs with the reader in a way that makes you feel completely comfortable reading about her escapades. She's also incredibly self-assured, sexy, and sensual. There is a bit of a narrative arc here, but, overall, the chapters read like vignettes that could be read and enjoyed separately. I particularly liked one chapter set in an art gallery (let your imaginations run wild on that one!). The stories themselves are enticing and innovative without being alienating. As I mentioned in my review of Julie's anthology Love Bites, she is a very approachable author for people new to this genre. I'd also give my right eye to have the butt cheeks on the cover. less
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For a short read it was very good!!! Panty melting!!!
That was really interesting, and fun!
Super sexy short read.
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