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Iron Legends: Winter's Passage\Summer's Crossing\Iron's Prophecy (2013)

by Julie Kagawa(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 5
1283681188 (ISBN13: 9781283681186)
Harlequin Teen
review 1: The Iron Legends contains three AWESOME short stories applicable to the Iron Fey series: Winter's Passage, Summer's Crossing and Iron's Prophecy. I've already reviewed them as I read them... They are the reason for the 5-star review as I LOVED each one.Iron Legends also includes a Guide to the Iron Fey, which I enjoyed, though not as much as the stories. There was very little new information in the Guide but it was nice to review the characters, places, and some of what had transpired. This would not be a book to start the series with...Thank you, Julie, for The Iron Fey series.IF you've read the Iron Fey series, the Iron Legends is a very convenient way to pick up all three short stories which are must-reads for fans. 5 Stars!
review 2: I was planning on
... moresaving these novellas until the end of the main series, but 50 pages into the 4th book in the Iron Fey series, and I realised I needed some more details to help me understand a few things. I devoured and enjoyed them all!Winter's CrossingWinter's Passage is the sequence of events that occur on Meghan and Ash's journey back to the Winter Court as per their bargain.It's an action packed story where they're being hunted by an extremely powerful, unknown entity. Grimalkin the Cait Sith is their guide through the Never Never along for his own reasons. The heart pumping, heart breaking romantic chemistry is present through the whole tale and it totally makes the book. I am a big supporter of Team Ash!Summer's PassageThis story takes place just as Ash and Puck have set off on a near impossible mission to find Grimalkin, who in turn will hopefully take Ash to find the Seer who will help him to become mortal. On their travels an old "friend"appears and wants to claim her favour owed by Ash as is customary in Faery. Of course it's no easy task, to re-acquire her stolen violin from the Seelie Queen Titania. Wow! This novella gives us a look into the inner workings and feelings of Puck and it was fantastic! We discover his take on events that have occurred between him and Ash and his true feelings for Meghan. We also see how wicked and cunning he really is! This is fun, exciting and totally satisfying but far too short!The Iron ProphecyIt is so awesome when you've finished a series then you get an extra sneak peak into the characters future! And that's exactly what you get with this novella. The author also set's up the story for the spin off book "The Lost Prince". This story begins months after Ash's return to the Iron Realm, with his soul, to be by Meghan's side. Meghan is visited by "the Oracle" who summons her to find out the future of her unborn child. With a heap of action, suspense, romance and the awesome appearance of the prankster Puck, the Iron Prophecy was an awesome addition to the Iron Fey series. less
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Was 3 good stories, they didn't add much to the story but they were enjoyable none the less.
Cool, but I think it would have been nice if a map of the NeverNever had been included.
Really good book. The story with Puck and Ash was hilarious.
I loved it!The Iron's Prophecy was my favouuuurite!
Great stort stories :-)
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