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Shunning Sarah (2012)

by Julie Kramer(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 3
145166463X (ISBN13: 9781451664638)
Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Riley Spartz
review 1: I discovered the Riley Sparks series while flipping though mystery books at my local book store. Of course, I love a midwestern character and setting, especially near MN/WI where I once lived. But Missing Mark really grabbed me with vivid imagery, an amusing voice, and lines like "That's when I decided to keep renting" after Riley discovered a dead body in a closet while house hunting. Yes, I like my murder mysteries delivered with a hint of humor. While some series lose steam, Julie Kramer continues to deliver the same quality writing even as Riley evolves and grows as a person…er…character. I especially like how Kramer gives us a peek into other worlds, like the Amish, by weaving information into the dialogue and action, not an extended info dump, which seems too tem... morepting for less-talented writers. The Riley Sparks series is a must-keep on my bookshelf, and I eagerly look forward to each new book!
review 2: While I have enjoyed all the Riley Spartz books for their humor and local color(it's always fun to read about familiar places that you see on a regular basis), I felt this book had more depth than the previous four. The Amish twist was a nice addition to the storyline. The plot was well paced and with enough twists to keep the reader glued to the book to find out what happens next. The story also has a secondary plot line that deals with the behind the scenes working of a tv newsroom. Give this book a try I don't think you will be disappointed. less
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One of the better Riley Spartz series which includes a look at the Amish.
Love this Minnesota author! Definitely a good, fast, fun read.
Read like a good Lifetime movie.
Read 12/12
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