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Never Dead (2011)

by Jumata Emill Jones(Favorite Author)
4.4 of 5 Votes: 1
0615412165 (ISBN13: 9780615412160)
Stj Publishing
review 1: I must say that I really enjoyed this book. If you like reading books by E. Lynn Harris you will definitely appreciate this story. This book is about a young newlywed couple that moved back to the husband's old neighborhood to save money while the he attends laws school. Unfortunately for the wife her husband has plenty of unfinished business that they are forced to come to terms with. This was a very interesting read with lots of different elements to keep the reader engaged and turning the page. I cannot wait to read more books by this promising author!
review 2: After meeting this bubbling and enthusiastic author at a recent writer's convention, I had nothing but high expectations for his debut novel, NEVER DEAD, and I prayed that it did not disappoint.
... more Well, whoever said prayer doesn't work, has never tried it, because this book blew me away. The first thing to capture my attention was author, Jones's, seemingly effortless and mellifluous craft of writing. His words fit together so beautifully, forming metaphors and analogies that had me rereading, just to soak up the words a little bit longer. I was captured from the prologue, and thus began the race to finish this well-crafted novel.Jones puts a unique and original twist on a played out and tired theme. He takes a flat and mundane plot and twists it up into a thrilling work of art like origami. I thought I had the story figured out pretty early on, but I quickly dismissed the idea, figuring Jones was too intelligent of an author to give it to me that easily. I finished in haste, just to see how wrong I was, and boy was I wrong! Being wrapped up in the pages of a good book; it's probably the only instance when I actually enjoy being wrong. This is no ordinary ghost story. Somewhere in the midst of the drama and the thrill, Jones manages to teach the readers valuable lessons and opens our eyes to the truth that's either hidden or that which we choose not to see. And I applaud him for that.I would give a 4-star rating for the story alone, but the author's writing skills had me so enthralled, I had to bump it up to 5. Bravo Jumata Emill Jones. Look forward to a long, successful career as a bestselling author. You've only just begun. I just hope the world is ready for what else you have in store.Monique D. MensahAuthor of WHO IS HE TO YOU, INSIDE RAIN, and SMOKE SCREEN less
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I'm gonna read this one soon after ROZALYN, after 32 Candles (which I'm reading now)...can't wait.
This book deserves the endorsement it got for the late L.A. Banks. Such a good book. 4.5 stars
This book has started out with a bang! Hope it continues that way!
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