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The Steady Running Of The Hour (2014)

by Justin Go(Favorite Author)
3.26 of 5 Votes: 1
1476704589 (ISBN13: 9781476704586)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: I wanted this book to break my heart. I wanted it to conveniently come together, tying up the ends of the rug that Tristan kept pulling, making his quest more and more far flung, absurd, but damned exciting. I did not get this, but I loved this book too much to allow the ending to change my mind. What's the fun in books ending all the same? That I can continue to wrestle with this story, that I can imagine what the old woman said to him in the room, confirming that he wasn't related to Imogen, or maybe he was. What I came away with was that he fell in love with Ashley and Imogen's story, and realized that love that reveals itself and binds you to someone whether you were looking for it or not, is not something to throw away. He finished his search, lost the money that was ... morenever his, and got the girl. Pretty solid ending if you ask me.
review 2: What to say... This book started off very well, it was very engaging. The protagonist is a young man from California who is searching for proof of his great grandmother's birth in the hopes of winning a fortune. The novel switches between his search and His possible great grandparents' meeting during WW1 and what happened after that. It becomes bogged down in the war descriptions which cannot have been found by Tristan as they are overly long and would not be in letters. Miriele asking Tristan to come back when they only met a week or so ago is perhaps supposed to be a repeat of Ashley and Imogen but it feels unlikely in this century. Later in the novel it seems to get stuck on odd little things that make you wonder if they're important but they never are - it's quite annoying. Then, the ending takes a big dive, most disappointing. less
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I actually give this 2 and a half stars. Engaging, but left me feeling cheated.
Leaves the reader wanting and confused
Couldn't finish
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