Trail Name/No.: Saint Mary’s Glacier
Starting Temp: NR
Ending Temp: NR
Weather Conditions: Sunny
Mileage: 1.5 mile out and back
Elevation Gain: 420ft
Peak: 10848ft
Visit Time: August 2011
Nearest City Marker: Idaho Springs, CO

St. Mary’s Glacier St. Mary’s Lake View from the glacier


Have you ever wanted to see a glacier? Or how about snow in the heat of summer? Then St. Mary’s Glacier may be a worth while stop for you. A short, rocky trail takes you quickly to St. Mary’s Lake where you can see the glacier set in a valley between two peaks. A bit further will take you onto the glacier which can be hiked for quite a while. Even in the summer, you may stumble upon a skier, sledders, and even people that slide on the glacier and plummet down into the lake (you’ll need some thick skin for those water temps!). From the glacier, fantastic views of the valley below can be seen.

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