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Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman And America's First Bohemians (2014)

by Justin Martin(Favorite Author)
4.41 of 5 Votes: 2
0306822261 (ISBN13: 9780306822261)
Da Capo Press
review 1: Wow! I totally didn't expect to get much out of this book and only read it because I'm a history teacher and felt like I should know more about the cultural milieu that he came from. I'm really well versed in the Transcendentalist world, but was totally ignorant of the 1850s bohemian scene, and Martin makes that world come alive. Most of us have never heard of Whitman's contemporaries, and the author tells their stories in such lucid prose that it's hard to no appreciate their lives. Even though thi is a joint biography several people, the book remains logical and clear. This is history in the hands of a very skilled writer.
review 2: The birth of American counter-culture, with Walt Whitman, Thomas Nast, Mark Twain, Edwin Booth, and others, joining around Pfa
... moreff's saloon in New York, writing, acting, discovering the promise of American letters. Fascinating throughout. The word "bohemian" was synonymous with "journalist" there for a while, too. One hundred years later, the Beats parallelled the haphazard movement. One of the best books I've read this year. less
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Some much history that we never learned in school! Really enjoyed this book.
I won this interesting book on Goodreads.com
Couldn't be more excited about reading this!
Heck yeah, Walt.
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