Olivia the Spy, a Review

Olivia’s back! I have always loved Olivia. From her very first misadventure…..






to that time she lost her toy…..







and especially as a princess……







I have loved this character. I relate to her. Curious, mischievous, snarky, the girl’s got moxie! Where so many other books show girls as sweet and demure or shy, Olivia has always stood out as a strong, dramatic character with attitude. She marches to her own beat and she doesn’t care how loud it is! Fortunately, thanks to the push for diverse books, more titles are being published that show strong female characters. Falconer, however, was doing that with Olivia long before it was trendy or PC to do so.









Olivia is true to form here and this may be one of the best in the series yet. She inadvertently overhears her mom talking about her which leads to Olivia devising grand schemes, blowing things out of proportion and being in the wrong place at the right time.









I appreciate the hilarious illustrations. There’s something about the way she’s drawn as a pig that doesn’t look like any other pig out there that’s just….funny. I also love the way Falconer introduces kids to new and complex words like investigate, institution and misinformation.









The bathroom at the ballet? Wait for it. It’s good.

But if you’re an Olivia fan, you KNOW that!

Share your favorite book with a strong female character in the comments!

Until next time….



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