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An Improper Holiday (2009)

by K.A. Mitchell(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
1605048364 (ISBN13: 9781605048369)
Samhain Publishing
review 1: Well written but not my cuppa. Thought the addition of Julian to the party and Nicky's complete acceptance of him in spite of what he knew about Ian's sensibilities was ridiculous and I couldn't like Nicky after coming to the fact that he had whored around extensively in Ian's absence and with Julian no less. The fact that Julian was an overt ass to Ian wasn't improved by his later heroics. Seemed to me that Nicky should have loved Ian for who he was but in the end really wanted to change him into just as big a slut as himself. Fantasizing about a ménage even before any relationship is rekindled? Marrying Charlotte? Oh. No. Just. No. I felt for Ian through the whole story. The lies, deceit of of own sister and the supposed love of his life? Spying on him? Sending ... morehim to see his sister in the way he saw her? Tactless and tasteless. It's supposed to be a happy ending but I could not warm to Nicky for clearly not wanting Ian as he was, honor, duty and all. I fear Julian might end up being right about the months wager at the end, and that's sad.
review 2: The story was nice. I enjoyed the Regency feel of it and the witty and sexy feel of the characters. [spoiler ahead]It was rather short though, so although I could relate to Ian's suffering over the missing limb and Nicky's eagerness to delve into male romance, it seemed a bit too rushed. As well as Ian's surrender to a physical relationship with Nicky (not that I minded XD). Whereas Charlotte and Nicholas' wedding seemed much too convenient.[end spoiler] However, despite all this, the story flowed nicely and the vocabulary, as well as the characters' behavior really made me thing of Victorian times.It was a pleasant way to spend the time, even with wishing the story had been longer. less
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Mitchell is utterly reliable, and this sweet Christmas story is no exception.
I think Ava March has made me raise the bar too high.
I would hate to be a gay male 200 years in the past.
Really enjoyable - I love forbidden love. :)
A short,sweet little historical tale.
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