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Coven (2000)

by K.A. Young(Favorite Author)
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Elise Michaels
review 1: When I picked up this book I did not realize it was a spin off series to another and if I had known my review and rating probably would of different but I found my self at such odds with the main female lead I doubt it would of. So I found this book to be such a assemblage of different characters it was so fast and confusing and seemed in my opinion rushed and choppy. Following a very introvert, female lead, it was all about her, never about the bigger picture or well being of others. Though that does change as the book progresses I didn't particularly read any amazing qualities that drew her as a strong female leader. She tended to do things spontaneously and admitted to blunder a lot, which I have nothing against I just didn't find her to be strong even though she was po... morertrayed a lot in the book of how strong she was magically. She was a huge tease with lots of undisclosed relationships with men. The male leads I found to be infuriating with their constant territorial attitudes and double sword standards. Their constant pissing contests I found to be annoying and not in the least attractive, as a reader you do choose your favorite which I must confess I have. Unfortunately I found myself personally to annoyed with the whole lot so I won't be continuing this particular series.
review 2: I have read the Nephilim Warriors series that this book is a spin off from, and although it was lovely being reminded of the characters I already know, I believe this could easily be read without feeling like you have missed out if you haven't read the other series. That said....if you haven't read them, you should, not out of necessity, but because they are awesome! This book is equally as good, and I was so thoroughly into it that when I read the last page I was shocked, talk about a cliff hanger!!! It's a brilliant story about a Witch who has to keep her coven alive, and by doing so, help to save the world from a faction that wants to 'out' the supernatural to the human world, make them all out to be evil, and have them all killed. There is excitement, sadness, romance and action galore in this book and I can't wait for the next one to be released. less
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I DNF at 22% I feel like there is a huge chunk of backstory missing that I should have read by now.
EXCELLENT! Loved this book! It's a MUST read!
Is a great book to read
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