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A Bride's Story 04 (2013)

by Kaoru Mori(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 2
0316232033 (ISBN13: 9780316232036)
Yen Press
乙嫁語り / Otoyomegatari / A Bride's Story
review 1: I absolutely adore this series and this volume was no expection! It was funny, sweet, informative, adorable, lovely, ETC! It made me tear up, giggle, smile like an idiot and laugh !The new characters were adorable from the beginning. A bit crazy,but that wa totally their charm. The doctor gets to meet so many intersting and lovely people, I can't help but envy him.I love looking at other cultures and especially with this point of view, I almost feel like I'm have a peek at an intimate part of their cultures. It feels amazing and also like I'm actually learning. I'm certainly asking these mangas as gifts because I know I would reread it non-stop!
review 2: After devouring the first three volumes in the series, I was anxious to get my hands on the fourth volume.
... moreThis story was a little bit different from the rest, mostly because there weren’t as many things going on. It starts out with Mr. Smith heading with Ali to Ankara (sp?) but they get sidetracked after he falls off his camel into the Aral Sea and is rescued by twins Laila and Leily. When they realize he is a doctor, they immediately take him to their grandfather, who has a dislocated shoulder. He quickly fixes that problem and soon everyone in the village is waiting for him to help them. Laila and Leily are trying to catch rich handsome husbands, but not having much luck in their small fishing village. Eventually, their father and his friend decide that they will be just fine for their father’s friends’ sons, Sarm and Sami. They’ve all grown up together but never really thought much of each other until they are forced into the situation. The twins decide that these boys aren’t so bad after all, and pick which one best suits them. They are preparing for the wedding at the end of the book.My favorite part has to be a tie between the twins’ grandmother hoodwinking them into working hard, pretending she is giving them a “charm” for future suitors, and when their mother gives them a crash course in being wives. These girls look so young to me, way too young to get married or even thinking about it (though I know the average age was probably 12-14 years old). Recommended for ages 14+, 3 stars. less
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FANTASTIC! I love the twins! Haha! Great continuation, can't wait for the next one!
Mori continues to impress with her ridiculously detailed art and human stories.
good story, beautiful artwork, interesting time period!
Get back to Amir and Pariya already.
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