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Freezing Point (2008)

by Karen Dionne(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: The basic plot is good creative fodder for a TV special. It's an action thriller with scientists trapped in nearly impossible circumstances (camped in Antarctica, winter approaching, a world running out of potable water, and war between big corporations and Eco terrorists). As a novel it seems to take too long and tries to cover too much, and hangs too hard on an implausible goal. But as a first novel it shows real creativity. I'll be looking for the next work by this author.
review 2: I'm not a great fan of suspense novels, but still couldn't put this down, though I guess that's the point, right? Mostly taking place in Antarctica, this book has an intriguing premise about using icebergs for drinking water, along with interesting characters, and was gripping fr
... moreom page one. Found the ending a bit abrupt compared to the pacing of the rest of the book, but otherwise enjoyable. Well, except for the hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach, sitting on the edge of the chair part. I think people who enjoy that kind of thing will appreciate this book even more, as will fans of science-based fiction, especially concerning environmental issues. less
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Interesting SciFy book. A strange deviation that derails the clean water plans, but well written.
I enjoyed this book it was a bit scattered in the beginning but then pulled together nicely
Well written. Interesting plot. But what about the rats?
Not bad ... Premise was good but many things left undone.
I just cannot get into it.
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