Every Moment Has A Moon

Last week, when I still had some birthday money that I could spend, I came across the most awesome company and concept called Moonglow Jewelry at a store.  I was so captivated by the display, and what I was reading, that when the sales lady came over and explained it to me even more, I fell in love.

Moonglow works on the concept that “Every moment has a moon.”  Whether that’s the day you or a loved one were born, an anniversary, a special date… “every moment has a moon” and you can celebrate these special moments through handmade jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings.  The first step though is finding out what your moon is.

If you find Moonglow in the store, a book is provided for you complete with a moon chart for whatever date you wish to look up.  I looked up my birthday, November 9, 1984 and found out that I was born under a full moon!  Unfortunately, the store where I found Moonglow did not have any full moon jewelry in stock, so I went home and went on Moonglow’s website.  If you access their website and order from them directly, all you need to do is enter your special date and it will tell you what phase the moon was in on that date.

“Have you ever experienced a moment so beautiful, heart stopping, jaw dropping, or incredible that you want to bottle it up and capture it to be relived over and over again? Our moon phase calculator allows you to take one step closer to bottling up those feelings and reliving the best moments of our existence over and over again! Simply enter the dates of these special moments into the calculator, and our site will provide you with the specific moon phases associated with those special moments.

From there, you can create a piece of personalized jewelry that showcases these special moon phases. After that, each time you wear the piece, you’ll be reminded of those amazing memories and how near and dear they are to your heart. You’ll also feel more centered and connected to the spirituality and inspiration associated with the moon and all its luster, making these pieces something truly special that cannot be missed! Use our moon phase calculator today to begin creating a magical piece of your own or as an unforgettable gift.”


When you order a piece of jewelry featuring your phase of the moon, you get an explanation card telling you how that moon phase can impact your personality, this is especially useful if your special date is your birthday.  I hear that most people say theirs is dead-on.  Mine is as well, and I feel completely describes me.

I ordered the Classic Choker Necklace and I received it yesterday.  It was one of those packages that was jammed in my mailbox.  My necklace arrived so super fast.  It only took a week, and it’s absolutely beautiful and so well made!

I also love that you can tell how much this company cares about it’s clients.  Not only did I get a handwritten thank you note from the company, but my necklace was packaged so beautifully, and I got a surprise free UV key chain flashlight, because guess what!  Your moon will actually softly glow once exposed to light!  How awesome is that?

I was anxious to see my moon glow, so as soon as I unboxed my necklace, and before I put it on, I shone the UV flashlight on it for a few seconds.  And take a look at this!!!


When two people come to the same recognition of what is true, their separate universes merge It was in this way, MOONGLOW was created. Julien Plouffe and Aurelie Dudziak both believed that being alive on earth is a gift meant to be celebrated. And that by being reminded of the most memorable moments in life we share, gives us a unique opportunity to connect more deeply with one other. With MOONGLOW, every moment has a moon and gives us an opportunity to share our lives and dreams with those we love.” –https://moonglow.com/moonglows-story-and-mission
I am absolutely in love with my Moonglow necklace.  I LOVE that I was born under a full moon.  I LOVE being able to wear my moon.  If you are looking for a special, one-of-a-kind gift with lots of meaning, look no further than Moonglow Jewelry. To calculate your moon phase, click here.  Shine by day, glow by night with Moonglow! Connect With Moonglow:
  • http://www.moonglow.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/MoonglowFineJewelry/

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