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Bittere Lügen (2014)

by Karen Perry(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 2
3651000664 (ISBN13: 9783651000667)
review 1: Meh. I listened on audiobook and I loved the readers' Irish accents, but still found my attention drifting. This plot is fine and the writing is adequate, but I hated the characters so much that all I felt was annoyed. Robin is passive and boring. Harry is a character I would normally pity (he's grieving and obviously suffering serious mental disorders), but he's an asshole AND stupid. I was hoping some of the early supernatural hints would pay off, too.
review 2: Fast paced thriller that draws a reader into the story in the first few pages. Unique plot with characters and dialogue that are believable even when described events could be someone's worst nightmare. A reader can relate to the characters with all their emotional churning even though one wouldn't w
... moreant to experience what these families are living. This was an entertaining read from start to finish with a satisfying ending. This book appears to have potential for the big screen. Its story would engage an audience. Thanks for a very good read. less
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Fast paced and surprising right till the very end - I enjoyed it!
Can't finish this audiobook- I hate the narrator
Read under the title of 'The Boy That Never Was'
Loved this thriller! Couldn't put it down!!
Kept me guessing the entire time.
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