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The Boy That Never Was (2014)

by Karen Perry(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
1405912901 (ISBN13: 9781405912907)
Michael Joseph
review 1: Harry just leaves his son Dillon for a moment, to retrieve his wife's birthday gift that he left at the shop down the street. An earthquake hits, and he races back to his building, only to find it in ruins. Harry and Robin return to Ireland, trying to create a life. Robin is surprised to find that she is pregnant and Harry is surprised to walk past a demonstration and see a woman holding the hand of his son! A fragile marriage with secrets and misscommunication, gilt and anger, unspool in a captivating page turner. Motivated by love and loss, this couple struggle forward to hold on to their marriage, their lives, their future and yet - the past is hurtling toward them. THe plot drives on and the emotion and reveals keep you turning the pages.
review 2: Said to
... morebe like Gone Girl, but not quite. The plot plods along telling the story of Harry and Robin, young and terribly in love in flashbacks and tip toeing around each other in present time. The flash backs tell the story of how they lost their first child, Dillion, in Tangiers. The current time shows the unraveling of Harry as he becomes obsessed with finding his child who died in an earthquake. Or did he? Was the body found? Could someone have abducted a child during an earthquake. Every character in this story has secrets. It does have have the O'Henry ending. It is interesting to get the story from both members in the marriage as they trade chapters in telling the story. less
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I love a mystery that surprises me. I figured out one twist and was blindsided by the second.
Very slow to catch my interest & only was really interested in the 2nd half of the book
A book of suspense that left me wanting to read all the way to the end.
Predicted the twist unfortunately.
Interesting book.
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