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Karly Sheehan: True Crime Story Behind Karly's Law (2000)

by Karen Spears Zacharias(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 4
RedBird Publishing
review 1: A random choice from the library's "new books" shelf. An investigative journalist and author who never anticipated she or people she knew would become involved in a high-profile child abuse murder. Very real circumstances of how a 3 year old slipped through the cracks of people and agencies who were supposed to be her protectors. A tear inducing read for certain. Not written as a tear-jerker or sensationalized, but an excellent accounting of how these unspeakable crimes happen. A must-read for anyone involved with young children, as well as a reminder to us all.
review 2: This book is about child abuse. This book is so much more. Karen Spears Zacharias, investigative reporter and teacher, never thought she would write a book like this where she knew most of the
... more people involved. Sarah had once lived in Zacharias' house. She knew David Sheehan, the father of Karly Sheehan, who was murdered at age three by Sarahs boyfriend Shawn Field. She went through court documents, did interviews, and has put together a book that told the story of this unspeakable crime. Karly seemed to have fallen through the cracks, there were reports to the authorities, but due to unknown reasons, protocol was not followed and there was never an in-depth investigation.This book was disturbing in so many ways. The fact that Sarah had been not just an at-risk teenager but a relatively uninvolved mother. David was a doting father who loved his daughter unconditionally, but the finger was pointed at him without fully investigating. Karly was a beautiful, engaging, child whose life was terminated. This must have been the hardest book Karen Spears Zacharias has written. She is a voice for all of the abused children and asks that people get involved when they see something wrong instead of turning away.I had trouble putting the book down, it is well-written and tells an incredible story of Karly's short life. less
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I don't know how something like this could happen in Oregon, or anywhere for that matter.
Great storytelling and a particularly compelling story
Great book but very disturbing story.
Very intriguing...Can't Wait!
Good but predictable
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