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Corpse In The Crystal Ball (2012)

by Kari Lee Townsend(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 5
1101580844 (ISBN13: 9781101580844)
A Fortune Teller Mystery
review 1: This was absolutely delightful! As cosy mysteries goes, the Sunny Meadows series are top-of-the-range material, really, and this second book was even better than the first one, largely thanks to the addition of Granny Gert who added fun and quaint charm.And then, there's Morty. I am totally enamoured with Morty, which means he really is magical because I am SO NOT a cat person. But I could read those books only for him, he's the perfect familiar (I mean, if Sunny were a witch).
review 2: 3.5 Stars. Overall, Corpse in the Crystal Ball is a vast improvement over the first book of the series. The nonstop, corny one-liners are gone, as are the juvenile name calling. However, the book still suffers from inconsistencies, redundancies, and a blatant lack of logic.
... more The nature of cozy mysteries is that the heroine is compelled to become an amateur sleuth in order to solve a murder. They are not detectives, but they have to do their own sleuthing anyway. Since Sunny has inexplicably become a police consultant on the murder, she is not an amateur sleuth as much as a person who sleuths amateurishly. She constantly blurts out confidential facts to the suspects and, in once case, allows a suspect to confirm his own alibi. I rated this on the lower side of 3.5 starts because it still lacks basic attention to logical detail. I would have rated it a little higher had Sunny used more of her fortune telling skills. She is conscripted as a police consultant, but not specifically for her psychic skills. What's the point of being a Fortune Teller Mystery if it's only incidental? Sunny also displays an adolescent approach to romantic relationships which sometimes worked, but sometimes made me groan: "He wasn't the most handsome man, but there was a vulnerability beneath his surface that called out to me to heal him." Yes, because being attracted to a man so you can change him works out so well for women!?! Ugh. Despite all that, there was a good story underneath. And, so I will be back for the next book to (hopefully) see more growth in this series. less
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the series is fun escapism and very quick reads.
Cute sequel...very fast read.
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