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Cruxim (2013)

by Karin Cox(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 5
098736023X (ISBN13: 9780987360236)
Indelible Ink Press
Fallen Angel/Vampire
review 1: "Amedeo is Cruxim, a mysterious, immortal fallen angel. Destined to seek redemption as a vampire hunter, he quenches his insatiable hunger on vampire blood. But when the object of his passion, the novice nun Joslyn, is turned into a vampire and enters a vampire coven, Amedeo's worlds collide. Shattered by the loss of his beloved, he vows to rid the world of vampires once and for all, even if it means destroying Josyln in the process."Karin Cox's took my breath away with a whirlwind story telling. It grips you, rips you and shocks you. The love pairing in this book shows love is truly blind to color, race, or creed. A bravo book!
review 2: Fantastic idea - really quite original but what a shame it couldn't have ended up in the hands of a more competent author.
... moreThis uninvolving Gothic horror lurches along with virtually no characterisation, too many grotesques and stereotypes, a romance which is just endlessly repetitive rather than truly passionate, and not a single moment of beauty or redemption. There is no sense of time or place either and thus no atmosphere.What a waste. less
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Loved it, loved it, loved it !!! Can't wait for the next one
can't get into this book at all.
I will post review soon
Review coming soon. :D
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