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The Riding Crop (2012)

by Karyn Gerrard(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 5
Evernight Publishing
Riding Crop
review 1: I don't always like historical romances, but I loved this one.The setting of a Victorian sex club with a man nicknamed "Lord Craven" drew me in from the start. As we moved through the various scenes with him, his boredom with what was no longer taboo and extreme to him was interesting to me. But when he got to the Duke and Duchess and was enthralled by their loving erotic connection- I giggled with pleasure.The introduction of Mistress Birch/Olivia- the wielder the riding crop of the story's title and the sex club's name- guaranteed I'd love the book. She is a magnificently strong female character. The scene in which the two interact trading pain and truths and intimacy was beautiful ecstacy! The author's love-making that the give-and-take negotiations become is the most b... moreeautiful way to end the book.
review 2: Hot Short Story!I loved this little story as it shows the blissfulness a couple can gain when there is give an take from both sides in all sexual encounters. The story gives glimpse into rooms showing M/M interaction being rough and hard with no emotion, then shows a room where passion is slowly and erotically given between a man and a woman, and then shows a room where a man wants to submit to a woman by being cropped. After observance of all three, two individuals coming together not knowing the joys of a happy medium and discovering there can be a happy bliss and end in a happy ending just made this one of those books you just want to hug close to your chest and smile as happiness ripples inside your heart. less
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Fun short erotic read about Lord Craven finding redemption and possibly love via the riding crop!
I completely enjoyed reading The Riding Crop.
It was a very well written short story.
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