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What's Left Of Me (2012)

by Kat Zhang(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 3
0062114875 (ISBN13: 9780062114877)
The Hybrid Chronicles
review 1: When I finished this book, I loved it. The ending was sad because Addie/Eva and their new friend Kitty, came up with a way to free all of the kids from the hospital. When one of the doctors find out about the plan. She wants to help, so the doctor got her friend to come to the hospital with another friend to take all of the kids to a safer place. That night, the doctor found out that the hospital were doing surgeries that were basically illegal, and all of the medicines weren't from the hospital, they were shipped from over seas. Mr. Conivent became evil and mean. Eva got to finally move with Addie. The sad part is that they may never see there parents ever again. The book is wonderful.
review 2: The first thing I thought when I read this book is "wow". It's su
... morech a cool idea with the plotline, and no detail is left out when this world is explained. Each of the characters has their own personality, which shines out vividly in the book. Even with the double characters, I had no difficulty distinguishing between one and the other, and each left a mark in my mind.Not only the characters in this book make it unique, but the whole idea and setting and motives for the people set it far apart from many other dystopian books out there. The whole book itself seemed to be a different genre, in the fact that I have never seen anything like it before. Zhang took on a difficult task when writing this book, and she fully succeeded in her quest.The first idea that popped into my head after reading this book was "What's the next in the series?". less
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I thought the idea of this book was so interesting, but I just could not get into it at all.
Why aren't people talking about this more? It's really good!!!
A little slow getting started but got pretty good.
I love love love this book!!!! Its so awesome!!!
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