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Out In The Country (2000)

by Kate Hewitt(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Lynne and Jessica were ready to join forces and purchase a hotel in Scotland. Lynne would be moving from New York City while Jessica was already in Edinburgh. But the financial backer took the money and ran. Jessica's financee also ran. So Lynne invited Jessica to come visit since Jessica had quit her job sold her flat and lost her boyfriend. They headed to Vermont to visit Lynne's late husband parents. An idea formed when her in-laws decided to move to a small bungalow and offered the house to Lynne to ope a B&B. that's when all the fun and trouble start.
review 2: I was browsing my Kindle for something to read and the cover of Out In The County by Kate Hewitt really stood out. Sadly that was pretty much all there was to it….a very nice and eye catch
... moreing cover. The start seemed promising and I was amazed at the story of three strong women. Plus it’s set in NYC and Vermont. And that’s pretty much where the things I liked about this book end. The end was disappointing. I thought: wait a second that’s it? I definitely expected more from this book.Rating - 2 starsWho would I recommend it to - I cannot recommend a book I gave a 2 star rating to less
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enjoyed the story very much! liked the new beginnings for women over forty!!
This was a light and enjoyable read, basically what I call a beach read.
Quick read.
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