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Perfected (2014)

by Kate Jarvik Birch(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 1
1622662687 (ISBN13: 9781622662685)
Entangled Teen
review 1: For those believing it's like Kiera Casses Selection, this is NOT anything CLOSE to The Selection except that Ella is dressed up frequently in ball gowns like the one on the cover as part of being a "pet."This was a...Strange read. There was elements I didn't care for, and the mystery surrounding Ravenna was what kept me reading. Ella's way of speech was interesting, since you never hear a teenager talk like that anymore. It was nice to see that the romance between her and Penn wasn't automatic (and to those screaming insta-love... The book did a few timeskips. She had been there for a few weeks before Penn had started to warm up to her)All in all...Interesting.
review 2: Ella is a pet, a human pet. In a world where it is ok to genetically raise humans the rich
... more and the entitled can buy a human. Problem? Ella falls in love with her owners son. This book was interesting because of its premise, or its ideas of girls being bought as pets to simply look "prettY". However, this novel only receives three stars from me because of its lack of human connection between the characters. Many of the characters feel very false and flimsy as I read it, but it was a fun book to read because of the storyline. less
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HOW? HOW COULD THE ENDING JUST END LIKE THAT! (cant wait till the next book) *U WILL READ IT :D*
Different and creepy. But will still read due to the fact that it's unique and well written :)
I'm still not sure about the pet thing, but the book was so interesting...
Really compelling concept, but poor execution.
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