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Through The Heart (2009)

by Kate Morgenroth(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 5
0452295890 (ISBN13: 9780452295896)
review 1: I am suffering from a hangover from the unabridged version of The Stand. This is the book I chose because it seemed to be an easy read - which it was. This is the type of book that I would read in a day, two at the most and it took me two weeks... but, like I said, I'm suffering from a book hangover.I liked most of the characters well enough, although why some characters were introduced to begin with, Alejandro - I didn't dislike him, only wondered why? That little story line didn't cut it with me, I suppose. Neil seemed out of place a few too many times for me.The twist seemed predictable to me and I don't read many mysteries.Overall, it's okay. Nothing fabulous, nothing that is memorable, but maybe it was the hair of the dog I needed to get over The Stand and move o... morento other books.
review 2: suspenseful enough to keep me interested to the very end, but overall I found it hard to believe. A coffee shop that gets so little business that 3 customers in 3 hours seems busy...yet this has been her full-time job for years and it pays the bills? A friend who can see her future clearly just by holding her hand? It's a bit much. Also, a few annoying errors like "shoot" for "chute" drove me crazy. less
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Interesting love story/crime story. Written in an unusual format.
The most unusual murder mystery ever. I enjoyed it very much.
Bad writing, silly ending, figured out the 'twist' early on.
I liked the back and forth her point of view then his
Strange story and discombobulated ending.
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