Finding Hope through Story

I just read this wonderful book that is more than fiction and want to recommend it to all my friends.

Like Jesus, Ruchti reveals truth and relatable corrections and actions for a relationship in desperate straits.

Like Jesus’ stories, the hope and healing we read about may be for us, or for a friend, neighbor or family member – or even for someone we’ve not yet met.  But such stories of hope and healing will stay with us, preparing us to share life-changing principles when needed.


Like Jesus’ stories, Ruchti’s “Hemmed in Hope” tales reveal raw life experience, desperate needy souls and yes, hope.

As in everyday life, watching multiple reactions and actions for similar situations in my prayer circle brings fresh hope to current life situations. When the story characters finally begin to look for hope, to recognize hope and to hang onto hope for dear life, I too am lifted up and instructed out of this more than fiction story.  Ruchti’s characters, situations and reactions are realistic and relatable for people embroiled in such common situations, producing enlightenment and desire to pray for hope to come to them.

This is why I read Ruchti’s stories – because they are based on eternal truths from which lives can be better equipped and ready to apply for all relationships, including my own.

Find A Fragile Hope – HERE

Get to know Cynthia Ruchti HERE


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