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The Short History Of Women (2000)

by Kate Walbert(Favorite Author)
3.08 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: A gripping portrait of family, specifically the relationship between mother and daughter, through multiple generations. Each character is flawed; there is no cookie-cutter, my-mom-is-my-best-friend formula used to portray the women in this story, which makes it feel more realistic to me. Poignant. Two lines stood out the most for me, "Time insists.." and, "I am a fire sign, but I have passed the point of rage.."
review 2: I grabbed this paperback for a long flight (China), thinking that I could jettison it easily on the way home. A few pages in, I realized I would not want to get rid of the book and would make room for it somehow on the return flight. I tend to enjoy novels that go back and forth in time, and this book describes five generations of women who ar
... moree quite remarkable. As the mother of daughters and the daughter of a strong mother, I often wonder (and worry) about the impacts we have on each other. This account makes it clear that each woman must find and develop her own voice, and that life often makes mockery of our intentions. This is a terrific read and would make a great book group selection. less
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Mildly interesting, but not at all gripping. Felt a bit like a lesson.
I simply did not like this. It seemed facile and overly obvious.
I didn't finish this book - it was just so boring.
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