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Boys Don't Ride (2000)

by Katharina Marcus(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 3
1501025716 (ISBN13: 9781501025716)
review 1: I first heard of this novella through Jane Badger's blog. Wow! What a story! My first thoughts when I finished reading it was 'why did it have to be so short?', then I realised the author has finished with a perfect situation - the main character is happy and about to start his riding journey, and the reader is left with the knowledge that everything had turned out well despite the characters' circumstances. I would recommend this novella to any of my horsey orientated friends. While it may be short, it certainly kept me so engrossed that I would have continued reading regardless of the length of it. I plan on getting hold of the author's other work now 'Eleanor McGraw, a Pony Named Mouse and a Boy Called Fire'.
review 2: I don’t really know what to do with t
... morehis. It’s a beautiful piece. It’s sad, profound, heartbreaking, cute, uplifting, made me well up (and I’m not the sobbing type), then ultimately happy and I will definitely read it more than once. So a definite 5-star, right? But to me it was also a similar experience to my favourite Punk band suddenly putting out something really melodic, beautiful and swearword free. The song was bloody brilliant but it wasn’t them. Although it was unmistakably them at the same time.See, I said I didn’t know what to do with this.So I keep hovering between the 4 and the 5.But should I really mark such a gem of a story down for not being similar in tone to the author's previous novel (when it's not even the same series)?Here is my advice: go read it. It’s free here on GR anyway. And it’s short, easily read in a couple of hours.BUT, if you have read Eleanor McGraw beforehand expect something much gentler, less close to the bone, way more ‘normal’ and (a little disappointingly) without the really strong equine lead character. If you haven’t, I'd say just enjoy a beautifully written love story against a horsey background.Okay, mind made up. It’s a 5.I’m waiting for the favouritism police to come knocking on my door now. less
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I think, this is interesting to read and I think this can help me know more about boys, hehe. :)
Good story, couldn't put it away! Could be a good base for a script and movie i think!
Wow. This lady can REALLY write people.More please!
Got me a bit vakelmpt!! Cute teen romance!
Short and so sweet.
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