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How To Marry A Highlander (2013)

by Katharine Ashe(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 4
0062273930 (ISBN13: 9780062273932)
Avon Impulse
review 1: Well, it is always hard to rate a short story. Mostly there's not much page time to talk about. But this one was kinda hurried, on one hand, but also quite sweet, on the other hand. Main heroine saw the Hero almost a year ago and dreamed up a fantasy about him falling in love with her. So when he returns to London next time with his seven sisters and a wish to marry all of them off, she finds him in a rundown hotel and makes a scandalous proposal: one sister married - he kisses her, three sisters married - he makes inappropriate move on her, five sisters married - ...
review 2: Book Review- How to Marry a Highlander by Katharine AsheTeresa saw him from across the ballroom. He was staring at her and she stared back. He abruptly left and she never saw him again
... more. She thought and dreamed of him for eighteen months. She was ready to experience marriage and everything a woman could, but she dreamed of him. Her parents had their eye on the local vicar for Teresa’s husband. She had to find a way out of that situation. She couldn’t stand the man she was supposed to marry. She wanted the man she only saw for a moment over a year ago. Of course it was impossible as he was hundreds of miles away in Scotland.However, luck was with her. The rumor was the Earl was back in London trying to marry off his seven sisters. Teresa came up with an outrageous plan to fulfill her dreams. She made an excuse to get her to London and then came face to face the Earl with a proposal. He turned her marriage proposal down. Teresa was disappointed but not discouraged. She decides to wager with the Earl that she can find his sisters husbands in exchange for the experiences she craves. Duncan takes the wager knowing that she is determined enough not to accept a no. He is going to make her abandon her mad plans for him.Teresa takes the girls under her wing and tries to help them find matches. With the help of her brother, she knows that she will make her dreams come true. She is determined to win the wager so the Earl will have to marry her. Duncan thinks she is mad in a lovely way. He is torn whether to stop her or let her succeed.This novella was entertaining. I loved Teresa’s character instantly. She was ruled by social decorum but she found a way to still go after what she wanted. She was a creative and funny young woman that was kind to outsiders. She was someone that the reader could befriend. Her determination was never ending and combined with her charm, Duncan didn’t have a chance. It was great to watch him flounder a bit over her and her actions. I give it a 4 out of 5. less
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Witty, charming, wonderful & lustful. A sweet novella
An intertaining and fun love story.
Light fun quick summer read.
Fast, fun read.
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