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My Lady, My Lord (2014)

by Katharine Ashe(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 6
Billet-Doux Books
review 1: Katherine Ashe’s latest is incredible. This was not your normal historical romance and you had to pay attention in a whole new way which delighted me. I’m afraid anything I say would be a spoiler but suffice it to say you need to follow along carefully in the story of Cora and Ian. These are fascinating layered characters on their own, but what Katherine does to them . . . Trust me, if you read historical, you need to check this one out.
review 2: I will admit that sometimes I get a little jaded when it comes to some authors and Historical Romance plots, but Katherine’s plot twist made this book a must read. The two main protagonists are wonderfully complex and compelling. They have known each other since childhood and have never got along. Then they g
... moreet the opportunity to see how the other lives and begins to understand that they were judging each other unfairly. They learn that you cannot judge a person by their appearance, gossip and preconceived notions. The journey they go on together is truly a wonderful story and I loved every minute of it. Could not put it down! They are both strong characters on their own and make a great couple in the end. Some of the situations were so laugh out loud funny, my husband looked at me like I was crazy when I was reading this book. It is so nice to have a historical romance with such an unexpected and amazing twist to it. I am keeping this book and will read it over and over again. I have all of Katherine’s books, they are keepers. I recommend this book to everyone!!! less
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Round up to 3.5 stars. Definitely not your typical historical romance. Review to come at AAR.
Excellent book. Thank you guilty pleasures, for your review.
Really freaking weird for a historical.
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