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Slamming Open The Door (2009)

by Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 4
1882295749 (ISBN13: 9781882295746)
Alice James Books
review 1: A difficult book to read but a worthy book. I heard the author on NPR and I was compelled to go get the book immediately. The opening poem sucked me in, as someone who has experienced the sudden horrific grief that come from losing a loved one violently and as a writer I knew EXACTLY what she meant by death ordering her "from now on you write about me." I don't ever read books of poetry but this nonfiction poetry floored me, completely accessible and heart wrenching. Read it.
review 2: The first 1/3rd of this book was gripping -- I started tearing up describing the poems to another person. But I eventually felt like it fell flat and wasn't quite as 3 dimensional as it could have been. The stories and emotions ultimately were what I would expect, there wasn'
... moret alot of surprise. The poems relied too much on the tension of the events being described, rather than enhancing that tension or layering other emotions through the artistry of the poems. less
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Collection of poems that tells a story about the murder of the author's daughter. Very powerful.
Raw, honest, painful, beautiful, pivotal....
I'm looking for more meat.
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